Our Service is Your Advantage!

Bavarian Relocation Services was established 1986 by Irene Adomaitis as a company dedicated to provide full support services for your employees and their families. We provide professional services since 20 years for leading national and international companies.

What makes our service exceptional is, that we really care about our clients and their families to get them comfortable settled in Munich and surroundings. We guarantee peace of mind for companies and help employees to dedicate all their time on the job.

Please find above the links to our individual relocation services:

  • Residence Locator: full service program designed to find a new home
  • Document/Government Agencies: Processing all required documents, applications and approvals for foreigners; acting as an ombudsman for for government authorities
  • General Errands: assistance in tasks necessary to establish your household i.e. opening bank accounts, school registration, insurances
  • Moving: full service program to assist in ervery aspect of the moving process
Please contact us either per phone or e-mail or use our contact form so that we may discuss the individual interests and needs of your company.